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Huacaya Alpaca Colour Sex Price
Accapacca Nikki SBLK Female $880
Accapacca Nikki Accapacca Nikki
Pinjara Buenisimo
Accapacca Grey Minstrel
Traron Zeus
Lavender Park Neika
IAR ——————
DOB ——————

Jayla is a young, well grown, solid bay black female, with basic halter training. She pumps out a stack of fleece with a bold, even crimpy fleece style. She should develop into a well conformed breeding female.

She comes with a fertility guarantee and a free mating when old enough if required.

Quality genetics in this package.

Jayla has a couple of friends of similar age that would love to go with her to a new home, such as Teneal, another solid bay black female. Purchase both these girls for $1500!! They will also come with a free mating when old enough.

Discounts for multiple purchases.

Delivery may be available.

Last update: 15-Aug-18

Accapacca Willow SW Female 880
Accapacca Willow Accapacca Willow
Jolimont Commisario
Andromeda Jordi
Adelong Highland Mist
Til grove Ringmaster
Bella Vista Wilsa
IAR ——————
DOB ——————

Young quality solid white females. Start your herd with quality or add this girls to boost your quality. Willow has her whole breeding futute ahead of her. Will be ready to mate in summer.

Name        DOB             IAR        Fleece

Willow       12.11.2015     212956  18.4mi, 4.6sd, 98.9%cf, 43.6crv

Willow displays a fine, crimpy, even fleece. She has excellent genetics and easy to handle.

Other quality white female options also available.

Transport may be available if required.

Willow can be mater in December at no additional cost if required.


Last update: 15-Mar-17

Young Females SBLK Female from $750
Young Females Young Females
IAR ——————
DOB ——————

We have a range of white and coloured (fawn, brown, black, grey) young females available for sale. Some already mated, others not yet ready. They can be mated prior to sale or we can arrange matings down the track when they (and you) are ready to start your breeding program.

Prices depend on quality as we usually have a range to pick from that includes basic girls for starter herds through to show quality, ribbon winning females.

Let us know what you are looking for, we will most likely have something to suit you.

Last update: 13-Jul-17

Accapacca William MG Male $1100
Accapacca William Accapacca William
Pinjarra Buenisimo
Accapacca Grey Minstrel
Bella Vista Manda
IAR ——————
DOB ——————

William is a well grown boy with good confirmation and a relaxed personality. He has a fine, crimpy, soft blue / grey fleece. Very even coloured fleece with minimal spots. He is a potential stud male and has had basic halter training as a junior. 

William is maintaining a soft crimpy fleece with minimal change in his test results over three years. He pumps out plenty of fleece with 2017 still holding at 110mm staple length.

First fleece 19mi, 4.4sd, 99.0%cf, 39.5crv.

Second Fleece 19.6mi, 4.8sd, 96.6%cf, 43.3crv

Third Fleece 19.9mi, 4.6sd, 97.1%cf, 47.3crv

Certification and fertility guarantee.

Delivery can be arranged.

Bargain at this price!

Last update: 22-Jul-18

Eric SBLK Male $350
Eric Eric
Yalin Romeo
Lavender Park Esmerelda
IAR ——————
DOB ——————

Eris I s a very even black male with a good personality. His fleece has a bold crimp style. Not yet tested, but has a good feel to it.

Eric is easy to handle and has had basic halter training. With more handling he would make a nice pet. Without too much handling he would grow into a good guard as he is well grown for his age.

He has a couple of friends that would love a new home with him. 

Discounts for multiple purchases.

delivery may be available.

Last update: 20-Jul-18


Suri Alpaca Colour Sex Price
Accapacca Halo SBLK Female $880
Accapacca Halo Accapacca Halo
Canchanoes Totem
Accapacca Panash
Waterrica Pushka
Pitchingga Ridge Apollo
Waterrica Hannah
IAR ——————
DOB ——————

Beautiful solid black female with a well locked, lustrous fleece. Second fleece coming back nicely. First fleece stats 20.2mi, 5.9sd, 93.5%cf, 110mm staple.

Sire is a multiple champion and a supreme champion fleece show winner. He is now producing show quality Suri cria, including best black Suri at the Charles Ledger Show.

Halo has been mated to multiple champion Suri male Elision Kismet. He has produced three stunning female cria from his first matings.

Fertility and live cria guarantee.

Last update: 19-Oct-16

Elysion Kismet SW Male $1650
Elysion Kismet Elysion Kismet
Surilana Icalon
Pinjarra El Nino
Surilana Nina
Jolimont Karis
IAR ——————
DOB ——————

Kismet is a proven, certified stud male with a dense well locked fleece. He was abroad ribbon winning male prior to commencing stud duties.

Kismet has produced excellent cria with ultra fine, dense, lusterous fleece, 14/15/16 microns. We only have a small Suri herd and have retained 3 of his daughters and have more of his cria due over the next 8 months.

He is halter trained and easy to handle. He runs with other males but must be the dominant macho.

Delivery may be available.


Last update: 22-Jul-18

Micky SMF Male $350
IAR ——————
DOB ——————

Micky is a young male with excellent coloured genetics. He is friendly and easy to handle.

He pumps out a Stack of fine fleece that would be good for spinners.

Harry will develop into a nice pet or later into a good guard if not handled much.

Delivery may be available.

Last update: 22-Jul-18

Prices in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST.